As your financial advisor, we will recommend one or more of the four portfolios we currently offer. The minimum required investment to become a client with us is $50,000.

Basic Entry is our ETF portfolio designed for clients investing $50,000-$100,000.  It has a moderate risk "style." The target total return is  5-8%.

The Conservative Income portfolio is for our clients who are little more risk averse than the average person. This portfolio has a target goal of a 3-5% yield with a 5-7% total return. 

The Moderate portfolio fits the majority of clients wanting good relative returns with a bit of stability. This portfolio has a target goal of 2-4% yield with a total return goal of 6-8%.

The Growth portfolio is for the client willing to see more volatility for the opportunity of greater returns. Investing in almost all equity ETFs and Mutual Funds, the yield will typically be less than 2% with a total return goal of 8-10%.

There are no guarantees that we will achieve these target goals, but they do drive our research and portfolio construction methodologies. 

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