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MoneyPulse was founded by 35+ year financial advisor Tim Nitz with one goal in mind: to help YOU.

Learn about the team who is dedicated to building and evolving MoneyPulse so that you can start living the life YOU want. 

MoneyPulse.Com: Consider This

If money were no object, then how would you live your life?

Set aside the material implications for a moment. Rather, consider the vast possibilities of what you can see, do, create, and influence.

Imagine having the opportunity to spend your time and energy building a rich and meaningful legacy.

Think of all the sacrifices you have made throughout your professional life: the nights, the weekends, the meetings, the deals, and the trips.

All of that should build to a point in your life when you can stop worrying about money and start living the life you WANT to live, not the one you HAVE to.



Tim's Tips
Videos of practial ideas to connect your finances to your lifestyle, selected by Tim Nitz, founder of MoneyPulse.com