Become a Client with Three Simple Actions

When you open an account through, you are opening an account with both our partner Charles Schwab Institutional, which is the custodian of your money, and our Registered Investment Advisory , Ardent Wealth Advisory, LLC

Opening an account is easy and will only take 15 minutes. Simply follow the three basic actions below:

1. View the New Account Videos below

2. Complete the My Risk Profile to determine your tolerance for risk and to help us make recommendations for your portfolio

3. Complete a New Account Application

New Account Videos

Step 1-These short videos will provide you with crucial information for understanding our thought processes and will help us align our efforts to increase the potential to achieve your expectations.

My Risk Profile

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Step 2- Risk is relative and personal. That is why we ask all of our clients to analyze their tolerance for risk, so that the results can be used as a guide for portfolio selection.

New Account Applications

Step 3- Complete this simple application to generate official documents and initiate the process of opening your new account.

Submit Application

Upon completion of all three Steps, you will need to initial the New Account Video section and the click SUBMIT below. That will complete this part of the process.  Any additional information or forms needed will be facilitated through our internal messaging system. 

Tim's Tips
Videos of practial ideas to connect your finances to your lifestyle, selected by Tim Nitz, founder of